Hunting in northern Albemarle County 12/26/2011

Today I was “post call”. Fortunately, the hospital wasn’t too busy over the holiday weekend.

Air temp 53-47 degrees F
Wind – slight breeze out of the north

This was my view to the west


Unfortunately, you may notice the houses in the background. They are across the river, but still an intrusion.

I was hunting from a ground blind. Quite comfortable actually. Three groups of geese flew over top of me throughout the course of the evening. The honking and the sound of air rushing over their wings transported me back to southern Louisiana. But I digress…

Unfortunately there were no cervid sightings. Plenty of squirrel came within range but my .243 Winchester would have left little meat to be savored. I think next time I will bring my bow along with some field tips. It will help decrease the number of “false alarms” as well as provide the main ingredient to brunswick stew. The two other guys I went hunting with, Gary and Johnny, saw no activity either.

Seeing those geese fly over an empty hay field gave me an idea though…

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