Lower Moorman’s River 12/28/2011

Dave and I both got out of the OR in mid afternoon. We had planned to go fishing on the South river in Waynesboro, VA. Unfortunately, it was too windy and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Not the best recipe for a spring creek in winter with mostly midges and blue winged olives.

So we decided to go to the tried and true Moorman’s. However, this time she didn’t yield her usual (stocked) bounty. We were both skunked. Out theory is that the water was too cold and all the activity was right after the sun went over the ridge line about two hours prior. Amazing the kind of excuses fishermen come up with…

Air temp 48 degrees F
Water temp 44 degrees F
Clarity- clear
CFS – moderately normal despite recent rainfall




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One Response to Lower Moorman’s River 12/28/2011

  1. Katie Boryan says:

    What a handsom dog you have.

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