The simple joys of an exciting find

I was running with my dog today in our mostly suburban development. It sits on the site of an old farm which was just east of a small mountain ridge. I often see deer on or near the road at night.

There is a small stream running through the development. Tucker and I were on a narrow trail which parallels the stream. Lately I have been scouring the area looking for signs of muskrat or mink to trap. Lying in the middle of the trail was half of a deer carcass; picked clean. I looked over to the left about ten yards away and inexplicably tangled in a set of vines was this beauty.


Apparently this side of the trail sees little human traffic as it must have been there for some time to get picked this cleanly. My best guess is this buck was hit by a car and went down to the creek to die; I don’t understand how the antlers got tangled in the vines…

I still haven’t seen any sign of furbearers but I sure wish I could claim I shot this healthy 8 point.

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One Response to The simple joys of an exciting find

  1. Christie J says:

    that would make the most amazing bottle opener… !!

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