2012 Off to a “Cold” Start: Lower Moorman’s River 1/2/12

I spent the afternoon as a steelhead fisherman would; waist deep in freezing cold water not catching many fish.


Lower Moormans’ River 1/2/12
Air temp 40-42 degrees F
Water temp 44 degrees F
Cloudy with intermittent snow flurries
Flows normal. Water clear

We had just stopped at the Albemarle Angler to fill up our boxes. Dave caught one rainbow on his third cast with a copper john. I waded over to snap a quick pic for the blog. Dave lost the fish before I could get the camera out but it looked something like this.


The remaining three hours provided us with some great sight fishing. Emphasis on fishing not catching.



We saw no hatch activity but there were some infrequent rises. We threw the box at them; from streamers stripped and dead drifted to nymphs and soft hackles. We got plenty of looks but they all refused the offer at the last second.

We had the river to ourselves. A perfect way to start a short holiday week. The afternoon ended with a little flurry shower.


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