South River 1/20/12

South River
Air – 39 deg F
Water – 42 deg F
Cloudy and windy
Water clarity – slightly turbid
Hatch activity – none.

I thought today would be a banner blue winged olive day. It probably was; I just couldn’t get to the stream in time. But my late departure left me with plenty of time to meet the owner of the South River Fly Shop

We had a very nice conversation about bamboo rods and fly tying. He pointed me in the direction of the YMCA off Arch Road as my best chance since they recently stocked and the BWO hatch was over upstream. He also put a link to my blog on their website!

The wind was picking up as I strung up the 6wt bamboo rod. Since these were stocked fish, I began probing the waters with a beadhead wooly bugger, black of course.

I dead drifted the bugger through clean looking riffles with no bites. Then I spotted this overhanging tree with a deep pool underneath.


The wooly bugger got no hits, so I decided to try a size Prince Nymph. The third dead drift resulted in this hookup.

Size 16 Prince Nymph dead drift

I tried a couple more dead drifts and then changed to a soft hackle partridge and orange swung through the main riffle. No dice. The sun was getting low and my left foot felt unusually numb. I climbed out and I swear my socks felt wet. I decided it was time to go. When I got back to the truck, my fears were confirmed. My Cabela’s Pro Staff waders had failed. Maybe duct tape will do the trick…


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