North Fork Moormans’ River Stream Report

North Fork Moormans’ River
Air temp – 52
Water temp – 42
Slight breeze
Partly cloudy
Water clear
Size 22 midge hatches

I titled this post a stream report rather than a fishing report. The primary goal of this trip was to get some much needed exercise and fresh air for the master and his beast. Thanks to some “insider information” from the South River Fly shop and a savvy Sporting Physician’s reader Eric I had a destination in mind when I left the parking lot at the end of the road.


We hiked for about 45 minutes. I realize I’m not in the best shape right now, but I thought I could cover 1.5 miles in 45 minutes. I never saw the tributary Big Branch which the google maps said was on the left. In any event, Tucker had fun chasing some deer and sniffing every rock.



There were some relatively deep pools and great pocket water the further up the stream we hiked.


My fishing has been severely cramped this month by the ICU. I only have a few more night shifts and then some normalcy will return to my life. Which means “hopefully” some more frequent fishing trips and posts.

Upcoming essays include topics such as this winter’s duck hunt in Louisiana, tips and strategies for getting ready for the spring shad run, and a treatise on the majesty of PA limestone spring creeks. I plan to have some guests posts coming up in the near future.

Tight lines!

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One Response to North Fork Moormans’ River Stream Report

  1. Nice photos. I noticed you record some data with your posts, which is cool. You’ll be so glad you did this years from now. But I wonder if you’ve ever heard of, a site where you can not only log fishing data but analyze it.

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