Lower Moormans’ River Success!

Lower Moormans’ River 2/10/12
Air Temp – 46 deg F
Water Temp – 44 deg F
Cloudy, light breeze
Water – clear, slightly below average flows
Hatch Activity – very small number of #22-24 midges.

Tucker and I were able to sneak out Friday afternoon before a long weekend in the hospital. Dave preceded us to the river and passed us heading south on Garth Rd, driving way to fast in his little Subaru. He told me there were some fish rising to a midge hatch but the rising stopped when the snow came through. When we climbed out of the truck, I was immediately transported back to Seven Springs Ski Resort in western Pennsylvania. Cold weather and a recent snow has a very distinct smell. Odors have a way of triggering very strong emotions; luckily in this case they were positive associations. I was smiling broadly as I rigged up a #22 midge emerger. Midcurrent offers a nice description for various tying strategies.

We positioned ourselves at the bottom of a plunge pool and my first cast resulted in a fish hitting, but not taking my Caddisfly. The second cast resulted in this hook up.

If you had been leisurely hiking nearby you would have heard a lot of “Tucker NO!” Tucker NO!!!!!”

Most of his time fishing is spent strapped to my waist and he just enjoys chewing sticks and staring at the tree line. Lately, he is very interested in the sound of my reel humming as I reel in a fish. He thinks it’s a toy. This is becoming a problem that I’m not sure how to fix. I lost a few underwater picture opportunities secondary to his thrashing around streamside stirring up the dirt. At one point we were a tangled mess of fly line, leader, net, orange leash and boots. Quite the scene.

I pulled about four fish out of that section all on the dead drifted midge pupa. It appears that it is better to “match the hatch” on this river than to try to get fancy with colorful streamers and soft hackle wet flies. By this time the light was fading and there were no more insects on the water. The last time I fished in weather this cold at the Moormans was our brief October cold snap in 2011. Jared Davis and I pulled some healthy fish out of the water that day.

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1 Response to Lower Moormans’ River Success!

  1. Sounds like a perfect day, aside from your pooch troubles.

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