Video Advice on Poppers for Smallmouth and a Shad Prediction

While surfing the interwebs, I found this nice video (one of a series) which has some good footage displaying why you shouldn’t “pop” your popper too much.  The video is only four minutes long.  The top water season is fast approaching here in the Old Dominion with these record temps.

The Shad Cam is still not up and running yet, but I predict they will turn it on possibly as early as Wednesday. This prediction is based on a survey I read where they said the VDGIF begins netting the shad for research on the 15th of March. The temperature on the Chickahominy River, a tributary of the James, reached 58 degrees F on March 9 according to USGS Streamflow data. Unfortunately, the gauge on the James near Richmond doesn’t have a temperature recorder on it. For those interested, here is brief history of the fish ladder at Bosher’s Dam and a nice picture.

Clean up your eight weights and sinking lines. They’re coming!

American shad illustration by Duane Raver / USFWS (public domain)

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