“Hey you kids…get out of my lake!”

with Dave Peterson and Pete Schmidt
Suburban lake outside of Charlottesville
Air temp – 70 degrees F
Water temp – 62 degrees F
Water clarity – visibility approx 2 feet
hatch activity – none

“Old Leaky” (my affectionate name for the fiberglass canoe I own which fails at it’s number one task) took some extra hits yesterday. Dave and Pete came over for some lake fishing as the sun was getting low and we didn’t have time to drive to the mountains. No sooner did we get the canoe to the lake then Dave took a step on the bottom and we heard another crack. In a few minutes greater than 500 pounds of men were stressing my shoddy marine epoxy and the crack Dave made was real, Old Leaky was taking on water. The only implement on board for bailing was Pete’s Dr. Pepper.
Dave rigged up with some questionable “lures” and the banter began.

Pete: “We aren’t even fly casting now, it’s just bait fishing with fly tackle”
Dave rows faster, Pete leaves his line trailing as we paddle
Pete:”Now we aren’t even bait casting we’re trolling…oh wait, FISH ON!”

Dave: “If Pete sticks his penis in this fish, will that make your blog?”
Me: “Absolutely not, children read this blog!”
Pete: “No one reads your blog!”

The fishing was actually quite good. I, of course caught more fish than Dave who continued to blame his lost fish on my line getting in his way, the wind changing directions, and one point even accused Pete of skulduggery. With each new bass we caught Dave would wax poetic on the difference between a spotted bass and a largemouth bass. He of course had no idea what the true difference was; he just used the same defense mechanism most boisterous med students employ. As long as you are loud and wrong, you still sound intelligent. This is the best drawing I have found to illustrate the difference. The primary difference being a prominent lateral line with clearly visible spots.

Difficult to ascertain, but no visible spots, likely a young largemouth














The majority of excitement was catching various sized crappie. I think both the crappie and largemouth are beginning to spawn and that is why we caught so many fish on flashy streamers. They were just defending their “territory” I of course have no idea what I’m talking about, but will say it loudly here on the interwebs.

Our trip came of an abrupt end when I got scared about the visible lightning and audible thunder coming from the west. cue the peanut gallery poking fun, and then instantly arguing over the ability for different materials to conduct electricity. Paddling home across the lake we were greeted by the gruff voice a middle aged lady demanding to know “Hey, where do you kids live!” I was immediately transported back to some of my trespassing days of yore. Fortunately, this encounter didn’t end with the police being called.

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3 Responses to “Hey you kids…get out of my lake!”

  1. Dave Peterson says:

    Your blog is filled with lies.

  2. Anne Boryan says:

    FYI – His mother reads this blog so be careful!!!

  3. Chris says:

    You haven’t edited the post yet brother…

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