Shad Cam Snapshots

Unfortunately, the shad cam is offline on account of muddy, high water. The VDGIF says they will turn it back on when the water levels are more appropriate. I saved some eye candy from my time monitoring the shad cam.

3 shad passing through

seven shad, a small school

an early catadromous morning eel

an anadromous and a catadromous species together

a local largemouth going for a cruise

a quillback?

Hooked on Destin has a nice list with pictures of saltwater fish with a brief description.
It’s worth reading the viewing window specs from the Shad cam website. They discuss the length markings and distortion from the thick glass.
Hoping for these water levels to settle down as the sporting physicians will be meeting up to combine forces for shad fishing this weekend!

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