Trophy Largemouth

Dave Peterson caught the largemouth of a lifetime 4 days ago.


The whole ordeal began innocently enough. The previous day we tried to fit a quarter ton of man into “old leaky” to ply a local pond. Dave, Pete and I were trading jabs and tossing poppers when Pete hooked into one of the several 10-12″ inch largemouth which inhabit the pond. As he was reeling in said fish, I heard Dave exclaim, “oh my gosh. Look at at that fish”. Apparently this struggling fish caught the attention of a very large bass who came up to investigate and promptly darted away upon sighting the boat. We all commented on how sweet it would be to catch that fish.
The next day Dave and I set out to the same portion of the pond to try to lure said monster, recently dubbed the monarch of the lake. We caught a handful of smaller bass and a few large beautiful sunfish. When we approached the monarchs’ redd, I cast to his area and immediately snagged on a bush. We rowed over to release the snag and saw said monarch spook as we floated closer.
Our heart rates elevated we rowed further from the bank to give him some time to rest. Dave tied on a large frog popper pattern. On his fifth cast, he saw a large shadow move toward his popper. He didn’t want to say anything for fear of jinxing himself. All I heard from the bow moments later was “Boryan….BORYAN……… AHHHHHHH”. I looked back just in time to see the monarch rise out of the water. It was a short and intense fight on Dave’s 6 weight but he efficiently landed him.

The rest as they say is history




Final tally. 22 inches. 7 pounds.

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  1. Selby says:

    I love those shorts, America!

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