Bodo’s and Bass

Rivanna River
Air temp – 75
Flows 190 cfs at Palmyra
Water Clarity – clear and low
Hatch Activity – size 4-10 red and green damselflies and dragonflies.

It is not every morning that two senior anesthesia residents can get out for a few hours on the water. Today, Dan Leach joined the ranks of Bass Assassin. The Rivanna has been a fickle creature this season. The flows have either been too high and stained, or way too low and boiling hot. Not today; conditions were perfect. In the span of one hour, Dan and I hooked into and landed three 15″ plus fish. I’m talking about the kind of toads that can barely get out of the water for the leap, and when they come back down they make a big splash! Each fish was one where you wished you had a net. Dan brought his up from the depths of a deep bank side pool with an overhanging sycamore branch.


My two toads were tricked while sitting comfortably in about 9 inches of water. Each take was a subtle sip; not unlike a brown trout confidently taking mayflies. After a long hot summer of not so stellar smallmouth fishing, it’s nice to see the Rivanna start to yield again…20120824-112327.jpg


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  1. Katie says:

    Dan the man!

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