And the sins of UVA, were washed away….

6/25/13 0700-1230
Dry River
Harrisonburg, VA
Andy Boryan and Dan Leach
Air temp – 68-78
Water temp – 60-63
Mostly Cloudy, min breeze
BWO size 18, midges 22-24, One Hendrickson spotted!











Residency ended last week for Dan Leach and me. A celebration fishing trip was in order. Dan was sporting a brand new vest courtesy of his wife, and I was sporting a new WF 4W line on my Orivs Superfine.  Things were looking up.  Fortunately, so were the trout.

The trip began, as all merry forested jaunts do, with a tasty, grease loaded fast food breakfast.  Ours was courtesy of Chic-fil-A.  One of us may or may not have made a homophobic joke at the pick up window.

The truck was parked in the secret 33W location known only to a select few.  Waders donned and rods strung up.  The hike to first pool was short and in the first few casts Dan had three rises, but no hook-ups.  The flows are getting low.  The fish are beginning to pod up in the only safe stretches of water and they were far spookier than previous trips this year.  We moved to the next pool which proved to be the bonanza of the trip for more than one reason (see below).  The first few casts provided some larger than usual Salvelinus fontinalis.



After thoroughly working the tail of the pool for about thirty minutes, Dan switched his fly to my personal favorite the Royal Wulff and sent a beautiful shot into the front of the main riffle.  He hooked into what in my assessment is one of the biggest wild brook trout ever seen in the Dry River.  There are certainly larger brookies in this river, but their pale bodies and chewed up fins belie their true origin.






We didn’t have a tape measure, but it was clear this was probably a 25″ 3 pound brook trout. Continuing downstream we plied a few more pools with varying levels of success. The sun which previously had been below the tree line keeping the river in shade was high in the sky brightly illuminating the runs which held the most fish.  We made it all the way down to the Reynold’s hole where Dan lost in successive casts 3 flies.  Some cursing ensued as the hourglass on our trip was running low.


We moved quickly upstream to the parking lot casting a caddis to only the best looking lies.  Upon returning to the pool of previous success (see above), we decided on a spontaneous ritual cleansing. We spent three years toiling away in the fluorescent lit, cold, soul sucking halls of the University of Virginia Hospital And Miracle Center; the only way to renew our souls for the next foray into service was through a baptism in the cool, clear, sunlit, refreshing waters of the Commonwealth of Virginia…

Dry River pool

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3 Responses to And the sins of UVA, were washed away….

  1. Dan says:

    fantastically written piece, Andy! What an awesome trip!

  2. Mike Boryan says:

    Andy, I really enjoyed the story but probably not half as much as you enjoyed the real thing. Nice work telling the adventure! And congratulations again on the completion of a very difficult residency. Continue to take care of your self and keep your sense of humor strong. Dad.

  3. Beautiful Brookies Andy. Are you sure your major isn’t Literaature?

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