In mid June 2009 two freshly minted doctors Andrew Boryan and Robert Olszewski set out to learn how to practice medicine. The Reading Hospital provided the professional setting while Berks County provided the trout streams and dove fields we never knew we needed.

Now one of us resides in Charlottesville, VA and one in Philadelphia, PA. Both of us are pursuing residencies in Anesthesiology.

Our site has four objectives.
1. Fishing Reports including relevant atmospheric conditions posted in a timely fashion.
2. Hunting Journal providing hero poses and lessons learned along the way
3. Guide to do-it-yourself time honored artisan skills as they relate to 1 and 2
4. Links to relevant current topics (see 1,2, and 3)



3 Responses to About

  1. Mark Sturtevant says:

    Nice job Andy. I particularly like the description of your Marine friend.

    Didn’t know you had been lured by the grace of polished cane. We will have go on a bamboo only fishing trip when the bugs are about.

    Do you know the Dietrich Brothers in Chambersburg? The build Dreamcatcher fly rods, beautiful bamboo rods. I have a 7’6″ 5 weight inscribed “Sturtevant Dry Fly”

  2. Took Coder says:

    I learned about your blog during the Christmas Eve Service tonight from your Mom. Enjoyed your pictures. We will have to “wet a line” together sometime. Check out my blog at http://www.thetroutscout.wordpress.com – Just started mine. Read Sturtevant’s comments about the Dreamcatcher rod. I have one as well (a gift) called the “timberfiddle”.

  3. Hello I met one of your members last year at the Fly Fishing Show in N.J. , he was a Doctor in the Bridesburg section of philly, sorry for loss of his name. We spoke about doing a speaking engagement on Kayak Fishing. We will be working shows all winter and doing presentations at a few. I am available for club speaking with a Power Point and Video presentation… thank you Ricky Wolbert cell # (267 570 9048)

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